“Orange is the new Green” for Mission Space

Mission Space in EPCOT. ©Disney

Mission Space in EPCOT. ©Disney

Late last year Disney increased the capacity of the Orange Team ride on Mission Space in EPCOT. Mission space has two types of rides, green and orange. Both take you through the same presentation and general motions, but the Orange ride has the added intensity of cars spinning to simulate the G-forces one would encounter on a trip to Mars.
There are four ride bays in Mission Space. Prior to the change two sides were utilized for Green rides and two for Orange. But now Orange rides will take up three of the bays leaving just one for the green rides.

While this modification puts Disney in a better position to handle demand, it has unwittingly sparked a critical industry-wide shortage of air sickness bags.

This article originally appeared on Episode 15 of the Disney news satire podcast, “Guest Room” on the Ears News Network.

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