How to Listen

There are many ways to listen to Ears News Network, from listening directly on your computer, to downloading it to your smart phone, iPod, or mp3 player.

Subscribe on Android


  1. BROWSER– Just click on a post at that announces a new episode.  Make sure you view the whole post by either clicking on the title, or clicking on the “Read More” banner.   Once in the post you will see both a link directly to the podcast episode, which you can click, or the embedded player. With the embedded player,  just press the play button and you are on your way!
  2. iTUNES  –  If you are using iTunes you can subscribe to the podcast via the iTunes store. The link to the iTunes page is
  3. ANDROID – If you have an Android device, you can subscribe to the podcast via  Subscribe on Android  (
  4. OTHER PODCAST PLAYERS –  If you are using  a podcast player app on your smart phone, you can add the RSS feed.  The feed URL is

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