Podcast Production

Putting clients and organizations into their customer's ears.

Current Projects

Neighborhood Stage Productions Produced

"Guest Room" on the Ears News Network (http://earsnews.net/enn)
Produced twice a month, this 10-15 minute podcast is a Disney News satire podcast (think Disney meets The Onion). Chris Laning writes, records, researches, and produces the show, as well as plays the role of the news anchor, Parker Byrd.

Other Podcasts

CF Hour
Weekly podcast covering news in the ColdFusion (web programming language) Community.

Previous Projects

Professional Podcasts

Legally Sound Smart Business (http://www.legallysoundsmartbusiness.com)
Three times a week podcast covering current legal and business news hosted by two lawyers from Pasha Law PC, a San Diego, CA based law firm with offices in Texas and New York as well.

Business Concepts Group:
BCG News and Views Podcast

SMSF News and Strategies Podcast

Two bi-weekly podcasts (alternating weeks) on financial planning from the Business Concepts Group, a financial planning firm in Melbourne, Australia.

Neighborhood Stage Productions Produced

Curtain Up! Podcast (2013)
Weekly podcast produced for Stage Magazine highlighting theatre productions opening that week in the Philadelphia area.

Your Neighborhood Stage (2006-2009)
The podcast that launched the company! Your Neighborhood Stage was a weekly national podcast focussed on community theatre. Each show included interviews with representatives from theatre companies around the country, as well as Broadway news and information about new shows released for production.

AACTFest Update podcasts (2007, 2009)
Series of podcasts produced to promote the American Association of Community Theatre's Bi-Annual National Festival. Each series included interviews will all competing theatre companies as well as news and information related to the event.