Voiceovers (and audio production)

Providing the "slice of life" voice you have been looking for.



These are various demos of my work:

Demo Reel 2018:

VegAuction.com (Style: Internet explainer):

Manatee (Style: product commercial):

Faux Commericals

These commercials were written and produced by Chris Laning initially for use on the CFHour podcast. While the humor in the spots is very much "inside" humor for listeners of the podcast (geared toward ColdFusion web developers), the commercials showcase the humor and variety of styles we are capable of. Chris voiced all the spots.

CFNoJective (Styles: Newsreel, medical, infomercial):

Fusion Kingdom (Styles: theme park commercial):

Progeny (Styles: infomercial):

Fanboy (Styles: movie trailer):

Stackdown (unminified) (Styles: wrestling commercial):